Hi, I’m Nora

I’m a writer, mother, health entrepreneur, bookaholic and recovering perfectionist.

I’m on a mission to help you (and in the process myself) uncover the brave, new work environment where we can work with energy and live wholeheartedly – despite this stressed-out world of ours.

I write about the productivity tricks that have taken me from a 70+ hour work week to 40 hours, then to 20.

I write about balancing a start-up with a 1-year-old baby daughter.

I write about my rollercoaster relationship with stress and perfection.

I believe: In working with energy. In your superpowers. That effectiveness beats efficiency. In the transformative power of sharing your story. That work can – and should – give you energy. That a bit of hassle is a part of life.

Working less is not the explicit goal. The aim is to work with energy. Doing the important. Achieving flow. Working from a place of calm and compassion, not fear and insecurity.

I’ve struggled with it, but I know from experience that it can be done.

So join me, won’t you?

On a more personal note: I’m a proud book-aholic. I love good copy. If I can put something into an excel sheet, I will. A glass of red wine and soulful conversation with my husband-to-be make my day. Baby giggles are my favorite sound.



Financial Times and McKinsey & Company Business Book of the Year Award 2016: “…Nora Rosendahl, Helsinki-based co-founder of wellness startup You-app, was presented this year’s Bracken Bower Prize, awarded to the best proposal for a business book by an author under 35.”

Bracken Bower Prize 2016: Prize ceremony video

Helsingin Sanomat: “Suomalainen terveysyrittäjä voitti Financial Timesin nuorten kirjailijoiden palkinnon: ‘Työstressi on yhä yhteiskunnassa tabu'”


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