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6 things tidying with KonMari taught me about stress

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and the Japanese KonMari method of decluttering have become global sensations. Millions of people have tidied with KonMari and say that the once-cleaned, never-messy-again approach just works. I was sceptical when I started out. But for me KonMari ended up being so much more than a mere effort to clean my closets. In the process of tidying I noticed how the KonMari principles taught me six valuable insights about stress and productivity. °°°

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Millennials and stress in the workplace – A kick-ass monologue by Simon Sinek

Millennials and stress have a difficult relationship. This generation, born roughly between 1980 and 2000, are already the most stressed-out generation ever. Millennials are often described as “entitled” and accused of being “tough to manage” in the workplace. In this 15-minute kick-ass monologue Simon Sinek breaks down the four reasons Millennials are so vulnerable to stress in the workplace, and why millennials are not to blame: Parenting Technology Impatience Environment

FINANCIAL TIMES BOOK PRIZE WINNER: Mental meltdown – how stress, work culture and millennials form a ticking time bomb

Originally appeared in: The Financial Times, Nov 18th, 2016 “Doctors’ waiting rooms, it turns out, were good places for me to ask myself a lot of questions about the kind of life I was living.” — Arianna Huffington after her collapse in 2007. The financial meltdown has caught all the media attention. Yet, an invisible and far more dangerous meltdown is happening in the shadows — a mental meltdown. We can now see the early symptoms: increasing rates of burnout,

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